Purdue Programmable Structures Lab
MIT Global Engineering & Research Lab
MIT Center for Bits and Atoms
MIT Microfluidics Lab


2.009 (Product Design)

Undergraduate MechE Product Design course. Teams develop novel products over the course of the semester

Automated Assembly

Undergraduate Research Project. Automate the assembly of ultra-perfomance composite material using 6 D.O.F. arm.

2.008 (Yo-yo Class)

Undergraduate MechE Manufacturing course. Teams make 50 yo-yo's using industry manufacturing processes (injection molding, thermoforming, 3-D Printing, etc.)

Sterling Engine

Undergraduate Machining Course. Learning to machine to tight tolerances and building functional sterling engine.

2.007 (Design Class)

Undergraduate MechE Design Course. Class culminates in live robot competition.


High School Project. Raspberry Pi MOSTEC EECS summer program final project.


Wall Art

Art project for my new apartment. caligraphy + wooodworking.

Coat Rack

Homemade coat rack; woodworking + welding project.

Toy Wings

Toy contraption inspired by the movie "How to Train Your Dragon."

Glasses Case

Wooden glasses case gift.

Wooden Bowl

Carpentry. Wood lathe project.

Childhood Projects

Mini fume extractor. Useless machine. Silicon hand.

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